Marcela I have always believed that art connects people. Art from different cutlures than your own gives you insight about the people who created it. I also believe that art divides people. There are many people in the world who either “don’t get” art and think that people who do are somehow snobbish, and there are those who do understand art who think just as unfairly about those who don’t. But it is the human condition to create and all art is is a manifestation of that inherent need with perhaps a little social commentary thrown in. is a web project that, through its simplicity, creates complex connections among people all over the world. By drawing the portraits of people I have never met, I feel surprisingly connected to them in an intimate way. Ive looked in to their eyes. I’ve studied the contours of their chins and the shadows their noses cast. I’ve pondered who they are and what makes them interesting. I’ve tried to capture their essence, and in so doing, felt somehow like I’ve known them. Art is powerful, even in its simplest forms. It is here to connect us, to make us think, and to make us feel, not to make any one group elite over another.


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